A few more pictures from the east

This post is basically some more pictures from the last field trip. I’ve been pretty busy since, first with a field trip with ERIKS to Kombissiri and another partner of theirs, and then a weekend trip to Koudougou. More about that later.

IMG_1146 kopia 2
This is what typical Burkinabe rural housing looks like, at least in the regions I’ve visited so far. The houses are usually built from artisanal bricks, wood and hay. This is not a village, nor a single family’s house. There are several families belonging to the same extended family that share the inner court between the houses.


IMG_1203 kopia 2

The market of Fada N’Gourma


Between the actual field visits we stayed overnight in capital of the eastern region, Fada N’Gourma. We had some time to kill, so I went for a pickup promenade with our driver, and later for a stroll in the market area. A nice thing about Fada is the large number of very big trees you see in the background in the picture above. I asked Bargo what they are, and he said som long and hard to recall name that sounded like latin. He told me they were planted along main streets in most cities in then Upper Volta and have remained since. One reason you don’t see them as much in Ouaga is that they’ve been cut down to liberate space for enlargement of streets.


IMG_1004 kopia

Along the shore of the dam, these vultures where devouring the remainder of a pig carcass.
As we got closer with the pickup they all took off into the air and flew around the car.
Vultures are an endangered and hence protected species in Burkina Faso. You’ll typically see a lone vulture circling above the fields, but I hadn’t seen this many in one place before.



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